Filter Wheel Mod

Rebuild with smaller (this time bipolar) stepper.  Better torque.  IR sensor mounting improved. 


This shows stepping through filters with accurate stop points.



 A small "L" shaped piece of aluminum marks the end of position 4 and if sync is selected, will stop at position 1 (Luminance filter). 








Revised drive mechanism and added reflectance sensor (Pololu QT-R1A) now driven by arduino scopefocus unit w/ second stepper driver.  The stepper turns until the filter is in the proper position, marked by a small piece of white tape. 



Here's a screenshot from the scopefocus filter control tab....progress!

--Added button to select equal number of subs for each filter. 

--Saves subs w/ filter type as filename. 

--Standard filter selections populates filter dropdowns w/ appropriate filters

--Status display

--Two different Darks available

--Flats, single or after every filter change(see AutoFlat page for addt details)

--Auto Sync for filter wheel, advances wheel until position 1 marker found.