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Garage Monitor

UPDATE:  Garage Monitor 2 is compatible with the newer Hub 2 (2245-222)

                            ***** latest Version GarageMonitor2_ver1015 (download from below) *****

Added optional garage light, goes on when door opens, stays on for defined period of time. 

Also added Door chime, sound plays on PC when door opens/closes.  

Use GarageMonVer1006 for the older Hub (2242-222)

An application that uses SmartHome I/O Linc garage kit and the Insteon Hub to monitor the status of the garage door (or anything coupled to the I/O Linc sensor) and send a text alert if left open for a designated period of time....something that cannot be done w/ the SmartHome iPhone app

To use: download the Zip file below, double click setup.  Then enter the IP address of your Hub (be sure to include "." and leading zeros  (e.g. and the Device ID, then push connect.  Set the alarm time(min).  The status will be polled every 30 sec.  Enter the messaging info.  This can only be accomplished via and email text messaging service (see example below).     

Check Run at startup to have the program load at Windows startup.  (Local Alert is not fully functional yet, but will activate a sound and pop-up window on the desktop).  The button will display the current status and turn Red if the alarm is triggered.  Pushing the button will close the door.  (Warning: unattended garage door closure is generally not recommended...).   The form can be minimized to the system tray, Click "Window" (upper left) and "Hide to system tray".  Right click the system tray icon (black garage outline) and "Show Form" to restore.  Enjoy...and feel free to donate if end up using it   ;-)

Garage Monitor2

Garage Monitor (ver 1) 

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Can Cooler start

UPS Remote Shutdown:


Have 2 PC's plugged into the same UPS and want them both to shutdown when on battery?  This app sends a shutdown command to the IP address specified after a selected time period to shutdown the second PC.  It's only been tested on windows 7 and 8 but should work on vista and XP.  You'll need to be using the windows power setting, not a third-party app(i.e. the UPS manufacturers app).  It sits quietly in the system try upon start up so you'll need to double click the red power button icon in the system tray to show the window and configure.  then click window--> minimize to system tray to hide.  To run at start up place a copy of the shortcut in the c:\user\'name'\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\StartMenu\Programs\Startup folder. 


To install: unzip anywhere and double click setup.exe



During a power outage the "On Battery " radio button will be checked and the bar will display battery level

There is an over-ride that will shutdown at 50% regardless of selected time.  (my experience w/ UPS's is they seem to go faster as the battery gets lower and once below ~30% may not provide enough time to complete shutdown)  







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