Sound Alert

A simple program to monitor your PC for alert sounds.  This can be used to send and email or text message when a guide star is lost, a capture series is complete or any other event that is associated with an audible alert.  There is an option to allow for any number of repeated alerts before sending email.  This can be useful for lost star false alarms.


Thank you Ray M.  for CoreAudioAPI


To install, double click setup.exe .  The shortcut should be in your startup menu under Sound Alert.


To use, select the settings tab and enter your email server (e.g., user name and password, send to address, subject and message.  Settings will be saved and present on next run.  Cell text messages can be sent via email (e.g. You can adjust your master volume right from the control tab.  To test email settings, push "Test Send".  To make sure it's working with a sound trigger, push "Test Sound".   Alert Count indicates the number of emails sent. 


The default "Send after" setting is 5 to minimize false alarms for PHD guiding lost star alerts.  Change to 1 if you'd like to get an alert at the end of Nebulosity capture series. 

Requirements:  Windows (Vista/7) and a sound card.  (Sorry, does not work with XP) 



 Download under Attachments - Below