Example of CGEM tracking/guiding capabilities.  2+4 sky alignment.  "Display Align" showed -3 degrees off in Azm and + 30 min off in Alt.  A single attempt at All-Star Polar alignment using a star near the meridian/celestial equator intersection, resulted in excellent guiding. 

Hypertuned CGEM, Starlight OAG w/ AO and Lodestar on FSQ-85 @ f/5.3

NOTE the Y-Axis scale(0.5 pixels per div) and RMS(0.08/0.1  RA/DEC). 

(also shows quick V-curve and gotofocus using scopefocus autofocus software)


Older similar example:

20 min. sub, Pre-hyertuned, PHD guiding w/ SSAG on modified finderscope.

20 minute exposure

FSQ-85 and TSA-120 on a CGEM with servo driven EL Flat panels.  


FSQ-85 w/ QHY8 & TSA-120 w/ ST-8300m, Home Modified filterwheel, OAG, Lodestar and Reducer


New geared stepper - nema 17 w/ 71:1 planetary gear box


Motor mounted to FSQ-85, uses Robofocus plate and coupling


Motor mount on TSA-120



Flexible Coupling



Mount under finder bracket