Allows for refocusing after filter change.  I played with filter offsets but was not happy with the results.  The main soure of problems(once again) is backlash.  I felt the only way to achieve perfect focus is to refocus with each filter change. 


The software allows for using a focus star within OR outside the target frame.  If within, simply enter the coordinates of the focus star from Nebulosity.  If the focus star is in another location, select both target and focus locations, the software will pause PHD, slew to focus, obtain focus per the V-curve for that specific filter, slew back to target, resume guiding and capture. 


For single filter runs, there is an option to refocus after a certain number of subs.



At the end of the sequence tracking can be turned case one is sleeping





Here's a video using simulators that shows the capture sequence automation:

        (see left lower status bar of scopefocus)

-Setup tab: connect to arduino and choose equipement

-Control: establish focus using V-curves(not shown, see previous vidoes)

-Filter: Select filters, exposure times, number of subs, bin

-Automation: Connect to mount, select focus star/target location, focus epxposure time/bin and Go




 note: I used default debugging focus star location instead of accurately selecting, so the focus star is slightly off center.