AO Adpater

A home built adapter for the SXV-AO-LF adaptive Optics:

The first attempt at my Rotator required the use half-width timing belt in order to not consume backfocus (I only had about 3 mm to spare).  Even without the rotator, depending on the ambient temperature, this small amount of available backfocus also occasionally limited getting an autofocus focus V-curves.  The only possible place to eliminate some distance was the AO adapter.  This is a 72 mm male threaded ring that attaches to the unit with 3 small allen screws and consumes about 1 cm of backfocus.  

Using a piece of 83 mm OD by 56 mm ID aluminum tubular stock I was able to make an adapter that replaces the 'changeable' adapter to one having 72 mm male threads straight out of the AO so it butts right up to the Camera Angle Adjuster.   

Trued and squared stock (reverse) mounted in 3-jaw chuck

Boring the internal diameter to 67mm

Lip for 72mm threads

Parting took cuts thread relief grove

Threads cut and checked

81mm shoulder and 70mm OD sleeve that fits into AO

Cut off with Parting tool

Four holes drilled and tapped to 3mm x .5mm threads

Compare to stock adapter before powder coating

Powder Coat - Black Matte finish

Final Assembly.   The AO cover plate hole was enlarged a bit on oscillating sander